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BMGT 464 7380 Case Study 1: Individual Level of Analysis

Case Study 1


Case Study 1: Individual Level of Analysis


  • To recognize and better understand the effect of individual characteristics and behavior (individual level of analysis) on organizational performance and effectiveness.

Related to the following course objective:

  • Maximize individual contributions to the organization based on an understanding of individual behavior


Three to four-page paper, in addition to a cover page containing your name, the course name, the date, and the professor’s name, and bibliography.

Introduction to Assignment

For this assignment, you will read and analyze Case Study 1: Reach for the Stars—Developing Salespeople, Achieving Organizational Success. The case describes information and key observations concerning manager and worker behavior. You will identify and—to evidence critical thinking skills—analyze the critical incidents (problems, situations, issues, and consequences) in the case influencing individual and organizational performance and effectiveness, and make appropriate recommendations to improve problems, meet challenges, and take advantage of opportunities.  Overall, your analysis should include:

Identification and explanation of all relevant OB concepts and theories, using examples where appropriate

Explanation of the specific case characteristics, incidents and/or situations that addresses the concepts or theories

Analysis of the relevance of identifying and better understanding individual characteristics

Analysis of pros and cons of key incidents or situations (i.e., what are the drawbacks and/or positives associated with the situation as it related to individual performance and/or organizational productivity and effectiveness?)

Specific recommendations to address problems, challenges, and opportunities, and a proposed follow-up or evaluation