Developing instruction without setting goals and objectives can lead to an aimless and unfocused presentation. For this assignment:

  1. Develop 3 goals for your training.
  2. Develop 3-5 objectives of your training for each of your goals. Remember, the objectives should:
    • Have a specific and measurable outcome
    • Have a specific deadline.
    • Be relevant to the participants’ job
    • Be relevant to the overall goals of the organization.
  3. The title is Training to Overcoming Objections. You are showing the sales group force how to overcome objections.  You can be developing the social media and the websites during this training? You may be able to address the effectiveness of the course by a survey of random customers. Roleplaying plays a key part of this type of training as well. I will attach my last paper for help. So, u can see what I am doing.

Example Objective: The participants of this sales training will be able to utilize 5 different closing techniques by the last day of this training.


Example Objective: One hundred percent of the nursing staff will perfectly implement the new kidney dialysis procedure by June 30, 20xx.